This machine is mainly applied to produce weaving cloth such as garment materials, decorative cloth, home textile, industrial fabrics with the material of cotton, wool, hemp and chemical fiber, etc. Through changing partial altered design, it can weave jacquard fabric, trademark, filter cloth, outdoor goods.



1.Saving energy

This machine is driven by switched reluctance motor directly which can produce the largest toque when started, and make the machine achieve the normal speed at the first beating-up. When at the normal speed, it can achieve variable weaving according to the output torque of actual load which can save 15% energy. By installing water cooler device in oil system, the whole machine temperature drops 8 to 10 degree when working, which not only reduces the ambient temperature but also saves air-conditioning energy consumption.

2.More optimized Wefting Insertion and Beating –up Mechanism

G1736C rapier loom adopts more optimized spatial linkage weft insertion mechanism and cam beating-up mechanism, which produce less vibration and lower noise and is more suitable for high speed weaving. It also adopts rally weft insertion which makes the transition of weft yarn more stable, reducing the broken weft rate greatly.

3.Advanced Electrical control system

G1736C rapier loom adopts microprocessor of 32-bit CPU and closed digital loop control, realizing electronic take-up and let-off motion. The electronic and mechanical combination makes the operation much more easy and convenient, which can realize the adjustment of the most process parameters only through the computer terminal.


Main Specification                                                                                                                                                                                        

Application: This rapier loom is suitable for weaving the fabric of plain, twill, satin and small jacquard with materials of 1.5S-80S cotton, chemical fiber, hemp and its blends
Nominal width: 190/210/230/280/300/330/360cm
Speed (r/min): 400~650the actual speed varies from machine width, fabric variety, quality of yarn and sizing.
Dia.of weaving beam: Φ805mm (standard) / Φ1000mm(optional)
No. of weaving beam 1:1.5
Dia. of full cloth roll Φ600mm Φ1200mm(big package)
No. of cloth roll 1:1.5
No. of heddle frame 12 (standard)
No. of Heddle Wire 13inch OC type flat (standard);15inch OC type flat(optional);13inch OJ type flat(standard);15inch OJ type flat (optional)
No. of lever in bottom beam 16 (standard)
No. of rapier head and belt 1:1.5
No. of color selection 6 (standard) / 8(optional)
No. of accumulator 4(standard)/ 6(optional)/8(optional)
Accumulator IRO-G2 equipped with input tensioner, brush tensioner, CAT coaxial tensioner, pendular needle tensioiner
Electronic Dobby Staubli 2658 (standard 16 lever,max 20 lever)
Temple 20 loops top needle loop roller style, changing needle length: 1.25mm-0.4mm as per varieties.
Weft detection IRO-TE400 8 Holes (standard: with function of double-weft-prevention.
Waste binder about 7KW (actual practical consumption 5KW for type 190)

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